A gun manufacturer’s response to the two weekend shootings

Another day, another shooting. 16 visuals and maps on the gun issue in the US explaining how we got to where we are. ???

The hidden patterns in great start ups. ☕?

When your AI Bike can follow up around ? ?  One AI Chip to rule them all. Machine learning and artificial neurons right at home on new chip.

How your weekend got invented. Hand raise for a three-day weekend? ??

Want to work on your BA or Masters in Cannabis? Universities are offering the courses ????️?

LUCK? – A series of smart risks taken at key points ?

Earnings this week: TAKE-TWO, SHAKE SHACK, LYFT, UPWORK. What’s going on with BEYOND MEAT?  Even The Economist is in on the action – their Vegan Hotdog is great!

Is the next agricultural revolution meatless? Can it taste better and be cheaper? ???

Why does a hotline for a pool-side popsicle sound like the best idea ever? ?

The magic metal that powers all your tech devices. How to find it, extract it, why it’s so powerful – welcome to the new age of batteries. ✨⚒️⛰️

Want a Tesla but can’t afford the wait? Call this guy to retrofit your car for $5,600 to all electric and takes less than a day. ??

Is the world ready for Cannabis Drinks? Big Alcohol thinks so now that Zero-Alcohol beer is killing it ? ✌️

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