About Us

How do we connect Deals to Capital - Fast ?

We have created an online super-platform that allows capital raisers and sponsors to search for and connect with global investors. We have over 21,000 contacts in our rolodex consisting of private equity, venture capital, family offices, angel investors and credit lenders in our rolodex.

In order to further accelerate deal flow and execution, we host a bi-monthly “Capital Launch Pad” event in major cities to propel and excel capital raisers to attract high-quality, fully vetted opportunities.

For investors, our activating, fun and lively events offer a bespoke venue to get an exclusive overview at companies and network with high-quality capital raisers and (U)HNW investors for new deal flow and capital.

Why we are doing this?

Capital raising and deal socializing is tough and takes a long time in our hectic world. Our focus is to shorten the time from deal circulation to funding.

Who we are?

We are a seasoned group of successful capital raisers, entrepreneurs and investors. We fully understand the capital raising process and have designed a prescription for success!

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