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Founders Capital team comprises tenured specialists with backgrounds in private equity, venture capital, investment banking and real estate.

As a team with over 60 years of experience, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions, delivering positive economic impact, and most importantly, partnering with the right people to unlock long-term value.

We believe that our track record and expertise give us an edge, but it’s our relentless drive that truly sets us apart. As an ambitious team, we are laser focused on making our mark through landmark transactions, creative deal-making, and maximizing the potential for our clients.

We Provide Growth Capital for:

  • Equity and Debt
  • Founder-owned/managed
  • Limited or No prior institutional investment
  • Proven business model (established product and/or technology and existing customers)
  • Substantial organic revenue growth (usually in excess of 10%, and often more than 20%)
  • EBITDA-positive or expected to be so within 12 to 18 months
Given that target companies have, by definition, grown materially over a number of years without needing outside institutional capital, why would they now take it on?

There are several potential reasons, mostly including the desire to accelerate growth by investing in new product development, human capital, infrastructure, or new geographic regions; other reasons include making add-on acquisitions or to monetize a portion of management’s ownership.


Founders Capital invests and raises capital at all stages of the growth cycle in businesses operating in underserved and inefficient markets.

Our approach is to find and fund great operators and companies that have hit a speed bump and need capital to accelerate their business. We provide resources and support to elevate operations, freeing up valuable time for operators and executives to focus on growing their business.

Founders Capital helps new ventures and makes investments in businesses with scalable profiles and ambitious management teams operating in attractive markets.

Our Team

Stan Conway


Stan Conway have over 15 years of experience in capital raising, deal structuring and real estate acquisitions and development.

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Hugh Callaghan


Hugh has over 25 years experience in all aspects of Wall Street business owner business development, operations, finance, and management.

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Join Us & Subscribe

Join Us & Subscribe
We are unique platform of senior executives who have created a venue for deal flow, transaction origination and knowledge sharing.

Our platform connects great deal makers across many sectors to close more deals. By joining we expect each deal maker to generate an extra $200,000 per year in transaction fees. 

Previously people working in silos have now grouped together to share systems and methods to get complicated transactions closed. If you are originating opportunities that are not your core competency you can now share those opportunities with other who can execute them. Our platform allows people to close more transaction and monetize deals that previously would never have closed.

If you are an expert in cannabis & hemp and see a energy deal - why not have an energy expert help fund it and the reverse is true if you are in energy and see a great cannabis deal why not have the best qualified deal maker help you?

That's the power of the platform - connecting great deal makers across many sectors to close more deals.

Contact us to learn more about joining.

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Consumer and Retail

Apparel and Footwear Automotive Aftermarket Beverages Consumer Products Food Service Distribution Grocery Retail Mass and Discount Retail Packaged Food Protein & Produce Restaurants Specialty Retail

Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp

Cultivation and Production Equity Real Estate Loans Purchase order finance Operating Companies Logistics


Exploration and Production Upstream Midstream Oil Field Services Renewal and Alternative Energy

Natural Resources:

Mining and Metals Agriculture Water Solutions


Artificial Intelligence Corporate Venture Capital FinTech & Payments Internet Mobility Technology Software


Automotive Automotive Aftermarket Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Building Products Business & Industrial Services Chemicals Distribution Diversified Industrials Logistics Maritime & Shipping Paper & Packaging Infrastructure

Media and Communication

Data and Information Services Advertising and Marketing Services Content and Entertainment Media, Publishing and Broadcast Cloud and Internet Infrastructure Wireless and Satellite Wireline and Cable Towers, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cell


Specialty Pharmaceuticals Generic Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Services Biotechnology Diagnostics Life Science Tools Medical Devices Healthcare IT Healthcare Providers Managed Care

Real Estate

Development Multifamily Industrial Office Retail Net Lease Data Centers Self Storage Lodging & Leisure Real Estate Private Equity Funds


Lottery Services and Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Gaming Operators, Online Gaming and off-shore



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